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Colorful Confections

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Color took over the runways during the fall 2012 parade of glamorous wedding gowns. Likewise, more couples also are questioning whether classic white is the only option for their wedding cake. Kevin Kossman, co-owner of Piece of Cake Desserts in Mesa, Ariz. says the theme for 2012 wedding cakes is simple and elegant towers of tiers, but with bold black lace and damask patterns, or subtle color such as blush pink and even gray. “Gray has really come on this year,” Kossman adds. “It seems that about 20 percent of the cakes we create have some gray element to them.”

Keep It Simple

If you prefer a solid colored cake, keep the design fairly simple to let the color itself serve as the showpiece, advises Debra Watkins, owner of Portland, Ore.-based White Rose Bakery. “Reds, plums, pinks, oranges, yellows – almost anything,” she says. “A wedding cake is almost as much decoration as it is dessert, and it should make a statement.”

Go Bold – But Not Too Bold

Keep in mind that opting for bold tones can limit your frosting options, wedding cake designers advise. Because color spreads via fat, buttercream in black, purple or other vibrant hues will lead to ghastly grins among your guests. “Colored teeth and tongues may be totally funny at a birthday party,” Kossman says, “but when you’re paying thousands of dollars for pictures, most couples find it less so.”

If you want a color that is bolder than a pastel, the best choice is fondant, Watkins says. This icing lacks fat and requires much less colorant to produce dark or bright hues, which means it also will taste better.