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Rose is Blooming

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Rose is Blooming
Wedding jewelry is coming up roses. In what has become one of the growing trends in jewelry, old-fashioned rose gold is making its way to and on brides and grooms.

“Rose gold is one of the biggest trends in bridal,” says Amanda Gizzi, director of communications for Jewelers of America, an industry trade group. “It’s becoming a metal more brides wear on their wedding day.”

A break from the classic white and yellow shades of gold, rose-colored gold gives brides another option when planning their weddings.

Technically an alloy of gold and copper, which gives it its rosy hue, rose is extremely versatile in what it works well with and what type of jewelry it serves as.

“A lot of brides who want a different look are going with an alternative metal in rose gold,” says Christina Gambale, co-owner of Greenwich Jewelers in New York City. “Women find it is a romantic look.”

“People who think they can’t wear yellow gold can wear rose gold,” Gizzi says.

Rose gold is becoming popular as a metal of choice for engagement rings, too. Micro pavé styles of rings are particularly on the rise, says Gambale, and vintage styles also are making their way back to popularity.

Beyond engagement rings, rose gold also works well as a metal for bridal wedding bands. Much like in the case of engagement rings, the bride’s wedding band is dominated by white and yellow gold. In particular, the eternity style, with pavé diamonds around the whole band, and stacking style of wedding bands, with two narrow bands on both sides of the engagement ring, work best with rose gold. In fact, a rose gold wedding band can work well with a white gold engagement ring, Gizzi notes. For grooms, a hammered textured style of wedding band would be appropriate. It can be a chic option for earrings and necklaces, too, for both the bride and the bridesmaids.

Rose gold jewelry costs approximately the same as the more popular yellow and white gold jewelry as the percentage of gold is still the same within each piece.

Rose gold jewelry works as a near universal color. It can flatter all skin tones, brightening pale skin and complimenting darker tones. It also goes well with many different colors of bridal dress from pale blues and greens to ivory.

“There are not many colors that it doesn’t work well with,” Gizzi says.